Here’s a short video explaining the GoHYE Challenge:  

The GoHYE Challenge is very simple:

  1. Record video on what makes you proud as an Armenian (what makes you GoHye?)
  2. Tag and challenge three of your friends, giving them 48 hours to complete the challenge
  3. Share the video on social media and use the #GoHye hashtag

Let’s make this go viral on the internet! We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with!

You have 48 hours to complete the challenge and/or you should donate to the ANCA Eastern Region at to support the ongoing projects and activities.


Don’t know what to say in the video? Here’s a proposed script!

“I am accepting ANCA Eastern Region’s GoHye Challenge [you may list the name of the person who challenged you] and will now show you what makes me feel proud as an Armenian.


I’d like to now nominate [TAG AT LEAST THREE FRIENDS]. You have 48 hours to respond to the challenge and/or donate to ANCA Eastern Region at to support their activities. Excited to see what activities you guys will come up with!”

Need help coming up with an activity? Here’s a list to help you get started!

1. Play an Armenian musical instrument

2. Recite a piece from an Armenian poem

3. Drink a toast to Armenia

4. Perform a short Armenian Dance

5. Make/Eat Armenian food

6. Show off your Armenian-themed jersey or national costume

7. Sing an Armenian song

8. Perform a fun group activity with friends

9. Be creative and come up with something original